310 West Aviation Drive Statesville

Visited in 2023 

Previous visits: 2017, 2018

Hours--9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Wi-Fi? No

Hero Cards?  Yes

Overview--Legacy Motor Club is based in the same building as GMS Racing has been for years, near the Statesville Airport.  There's a lobby with a show car and trophies, as well as a viewing window of the shop (no photography of the viewing area is allowed).  There's also plenty of hero cards available, although there's no gift shop.


To See and Do: 4 despite being a rather small shop, there's plenty to see here.

Accessibility: 3 you can see the cars being worked on, but there's no photography allowed.

Gift Shop: 1 there is none.

Friendliness of Staff: 5 they were nice enough to show me around, and seemed genuinely happy that a fan was visiting.

Final Verdict--Skip it--there's just not much to see.

Additional Pics--

The viewing area is on the right

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