265 Cayuga Drive Mooresville


Visited 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2017

The Skinny--This shop hosts Kasey Kahne's grassroots race team. While its probably your best chance to see sprint cars up close in North Carolina, don't expect to see much activity here.
Race win hood in Kahne's shop

To See and Do: 2 there's plenty in the gift shop (particularly on the walls) from Kahne's racing career, but that's really about it.
Accessibility: 4 you can see straight down through the glass viewing area to the whole shop floor. There wasn't much going on the day I was there.
Gift Shop: 4 plenty to buy and see, especially if you're a Kasey Kahne fan.
Friendliness of Staff: 5 the clerk behind the counter was stuck dealing with a self-important "racer" in 2012, but other than that she seemed quite nice.

Final Verdict--Skip it, unless you're a Kasey Kahne fan.

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