156 Byers Creek Road Mooresville


Visited 2019

Cut-away tire in the lobby
Weight room
Overview--While not a race shop, PIT offers something unique for the race fan, as its a school for prospective pit crew members that's open to the public.  They allow walk-in tours so if you're particularly interested in the pit stop aspect of the sport (or you want to become a crew member yourself), its worth a visit.

To See and Do: 2 while there's plenty to see, most pit practice happens in the evenings as most of the students have day jobs.
Accessibility: 5 my guide was wiling to show me virtually everything the school has to offer.
Gift Shop: 3 there's some school apparel to buy, but then again, its not a race shop.
Friendliness of Staff: 5 (see Accessibility)

Final Verdict--See it if you're interested in becoming a pit crew member.
Practice pit lane--note the cameras on top and the garages in the back

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