222 Raceway Drive Mooresville--do NOT go to the other Premium Motorsports garage in the old TBR building


Visited 2018

Hero Cards?  Yes, with more available if you ask

Overview--a very small team, Premium Motorsports does a lot with a little.  The shop, while not as impressive as some of their Cup counterparts, offers a wide view of the garage and a very helpful staff.
The view from the lobby

To See and Do: 3 there's plenty to see from the viewing area, but unfortunately that's about all that is available.
Accessibility: 3 (see above)
Gift Shop: 1 there is no real "gift shop" to speak of here
Friendliness of Staff: 5 the website encourages visitors to contact "Infield Jen" prior to visiting.  Whoever was at the shop when *I* visited unannounced was very personable and helpful.

Final Verdict--See it, especially if you're interested in seeing how a smaller team operates.

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