2668 Peachtree Road, Statesville

Visited in 2023


Wi-Fi? No

Hero Cards?  Yes

Overview--Located in the old Front Row Motorsports shop, this team has a surprising amount to offer for such a small operation.  However, it is well out of the way, both in comparison to most other race shops and in terms of access.

To See and Do: 3 the viewing area is nice, although you never know how much work is being done on any particular day.  There's also show cars, lots of hero cards, and free can koozies.
Accessibility: 4 this shows the best way a small shop that's not "set up" for the public can open itself up TO the public.
Gift Shop: 2 no gift shop, but a nice selection of hero cards.
Friendliness of Staff: 4 the receptionist seemed happy to let me look around.

Insider's Tip: There is a dog here.

Insider's Tip: Halmar Freisen Racing is located next door, but isn't open to the public.

Final Verdict--See it, but only if you're in the area.

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