160 Wilkinson Road Mooresville

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Previously visited: 2018, 2019



Hero Cards?  Yes

Overview--This Xfinity Series race shop is not really set up for "walk-ins" by the public, but if you email the team ahead of time, they'll be glad to show you around.

To See and Do: 3 they let me walk around the shops without hassle, which let me see lots and LOTS of Trucks in various stages of completion. That's really it, though.
Accessibility: 4 this shows the best way a small shop that's not "set up" for the public can open itself up TO the public.
Gift Shop: 2 no gift shop, but a nice selection of hero cards.
Friendliness of Staff: 3 not a single person talked to me while I was there the first two times, but the third time someone was happy to talk to me. They get a bonus point for letting me wander around.

Insider's Tip: Skip if you're allergic to cats (there's a few here to ward off field mice!).

Final Verdict--See it, but only if you plan ahead.

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