349 Cayuga Drive Mooresville

Hours--8:30am-5pm--Shop Tours Thursdays & Fridays only

Visited 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 (guided tour) & 2018

Hero Cards?  Yes

The view from the back of the gift shop
Overview--Housing a team owned by one of Nascar's most popular-ever drivers, you can tell they're set up to handle lots of fans. Its still a pretty small shop, but they offer very thorough (and very cool!) shop tours for fans.  If you email them first (see address on the website link above) you'll be saved a spot, though you can also try your luck at simply "walking in" for one.  Shop tours are available Thursdays & Fridays at 10am & 2pm.  IMPORTANT--there are no pictures allowed during the tours themselves.
The Dirty Mo Radio podcast studio

To See and Do: 4 the gift shop and viewing areas are one in the same here, so while there might not be much going on in the shop, there is LOTS to look at (and buy).
Accessibility: 4 I've seen the crowds around Junior at races, so its understandable that they would want to keep the fans at arm's length here. So it was a nice surprise to get the tour from a very-knowledgable member of the JRM team.  And even if you don't go on the tour, there's lots to see, including the "Dirty Mo" radio studio.
Gift Shop: 5 wow. Just wow. So much different merchandise here. Plenty for Dale Jr., his various business operations (including Whisky River BBQ), and his different drivers.
Friendliness of Staff: 3 the clerk at the counter was nice enough to give me directions to Dale Jr.'s restaurant (though I didn't go). Otherwise the staff in the lobby will more of less leave the public alone.

Insider Tip: Call/email ahead for one of the shop tours.  Also note that there are no pictures allowed during the tours themselves.

Insider Tip: The shop is also open on Saturdays from 10am-3pm, although there's likely to be little to no activity in the garage itself.

Final Verdict--See it, especially if you're a Junior fan.


  1. Email ahead for a FREE shop tour...see the JR Motorsports website for details. It was the highlight of our daytrip to visit many shops.

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