Admission Price: $12 (adults)

309 Branson Mill Road Randleman (aka Level Cross)

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Previously visited: 2018, 2019



Hero Cards?  Yes (for various Petty-related organizations)

Video footage: CLICK HERE

Lee Petty race car
Championship trophies
Overview--While the current Richard Petty Motorsports race shop is NOT open to the public, Petty Enterprises' ancestral home in Level Cross is VERY MUCH open to the public, albeit for a $10 admission fee.  As one would expect, the museum is almost completely Petty family centric, although this means that the exhibits stretch from before the start of Nascar through to the current day.  Really, the only downside here is that Level Cross is not easily accessible for most of those who are visiting the Charlotte/Mooresville area, located nearer to Greensboro.

To See and Do: 5 there is plenty to see here, from cars and equipment to trophies and personal collectables.  Again, the only downside (if you consider it as such) is that 99% of what's there is Petty-centric.
The Petty family homestead (not open
to the public)
Accessibility: 3 while there's lots to see, there's not quite as much to do--there's not many interactive activities.
Gift Shop: 5 the gift shop (which is open for free) is very comprehensive, offering everything from early-90's merchandise to current items for Bubba Wallace Jr.
Friendliness of Staff: 5 The staff was quite friendly, expertly dealing with a particularly obnoxious fan who was arguing over the discount policy listed below.  They were more than happy to answer my questions and asked me a few of their own.

Insider Tip: The RCR and Petty Museums have a reciprocal agreement--go to one and keep your receipt.  Present it at the other and get 10% off your admission.

Final Verdict--See it, even though it's quite far out of the way.


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  2. If you go in the late morning during the week you have a good chance of seeing the King pop in the museum.