Various Raceshops of Statesville


INCLUDES: McAnally-Hilgemann, AM Racing, Halmar, Jordan Anderson



Visited 2019

Hero Cards?  No

Hauler outside the shop
Inside the race shop
The Skinny--One of Cup's smallest teams, this shop is located quite out of the way on the outskirts of Mooresville.  Unfortunately there wasn't much to see here as it really isn't set up for public viewing.

To See and Do: 2 while I was able to watch some work being done, that's all there was to do.
Accessibility: 3 (see To See and Do)
Gift Shop: 1 there is none
Friendliness of Staff: 2 while I was allowed to watch work being done, the crew seemed to be slightly annoyed that I was there.

Final Verdict--Skip it

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