425 Industrial Drive, Lexington (aka Welcome)

Visited in 2012 & 2018

Hours--9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Hero Cards?  Yes, but you have to ask in the Cup lobby

Public WiFi?  Yes
Show cars in the RCR Cup lobby

Overview--This shop is way, way, WAY out of the way. Its about an hour from the other Nascar shops, closer to Winston-Salem. Obviously if you're a fan of an RCR driver, or Dale Earnhardt, its worth the trip. It also helps that there's a lot of smaller shops on the RCR campus--see my "RCR Museum & More" page for info.
View from the "Fan Walk" of the Cup garage

To See and Do: 4 though all the buildings aren't open to the public, those that are are packed-full of memorabilia, show cars, and race cars under construction.
Accessibility: 4 a bit of an odd set-up in the Cup garage, as you walk above the shop (still separated by glass) on a pretty circuitous route. Thankfully you can see pretty much everything. There's not as great a view in the Xfinity garage, but far fewer people.
Gift Shop: 5 plenty to buy and see here in the lobby of the RCR Museum. Great bargains too!
Friendliness of Staff: 3 you have to pipe up at the Cup garage to ask for hero cards. The Xfinity garage, however, has them easily available to the public. Much of the rest of the campus isn't open.

Final Verdict--See it IF you have the time, and/or are a fan of RCR itself. Skip it otherwise.
Car being worked on in the Xfinity garage

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