FREE ADMISSION! (to the race shop)

425 Industrial Drive, Lexington (aka Welcome)

Visited in 2023

Previous visits: 2012, 2018 & 2019

Hours--9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Wi-Fi?  Yes

Hero Cards?  Yes (ask the receptionist)


Overview--This shop is located on the expansive RCR campus, which, unfortunately, is at least an hour away from all other race shops.  Is it worth it to drive that far?  In my opinion, yes!  You get to see show cars, cars under construction, historical pictures, and more.  Not only that, but there's other small shops nearby.  NOTE: This review does NOT include the RCR Museum, which is a separate building (with admission) that I was unable to visit this year.

To See and Do: 5 there's plenty to see here thanks to the long upstairs "Fan Walk", with lots of historic pictures on the opposite walls.

Accessibility: 4 the "Fan Walk" lets you see more than most shops, albeit from a far-away angle.

Gift Shop: n/a the gift shop is located in the RCR Museum

Friendliness of Staff: 5 the receptionist was polite and informative, and put together all the hero cards they had available.

INSIDER TIP: When you walk in, go left to see the receptionist, straight ahead for the suspension room, right for show cars, and upstairs for the "Fan Walk".

Final Verdict--See it, even though its a bit out of the way.

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