425 Industrial Drive, Lexington (aka Welcome)

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Previous visits: 2012, 2018 & 2019

Hours--9am-5pm Monday-Friday


Hero Cards?  Yes, in the lobby by the receptionist

Video footage: CLICK HERE

Show cars in lobby
Overview--This shop is way, way, WAY out of the way. Its about an hour from the other Nascar shops, closer to Winston-Salem. Obviously if you're a fan of an RCR driver, or Dale Earnhardt, its worth the trip. It also helps that there's a lot of smaller shops on the RCR campus--see my "RCR Museum & More" page for info.
View from the "Fan Walk" of the Cup garage

To See and Do: 4 as of 2019 all race car construction is handled in one building, packed-full of memorabilia, show cars, and race cars under construction.
Accessibility: 4 a bit of an odd set-up in the Cup garage, as you walk above the shop (still separated by glass) on a pretty circuitous route. Thankfully you can see pretty much everything.
Gift Shop: 5 plenty to buy and see here in the lobby of the RCR Museum. Great bargains too!
Friendliness of Staff: 1 one of my worst experiences ever happened here in 2019.  The receptionist was on her cell phone first, then afterwards refused to acknowledge me after I said "hello".  Hopefully it was just a bad day since she pretty much ruined the whole experience for me.  Much of the rest of the campus isn't open.
Final Verdict--See it IF you have the time, and/or are a fan of RCR itself. Skip it otherwise.
This picture, taken from the "Fan Walk",
was later featured on Jayski!

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