6007 Victory Lane SW, Concord (near Charlotte Motor Speedway)

Visited in 2023 (unknown)



Hero Cards? 

Overview--This shop was a great example of a small race shop doing it's best to be open to the public.  I would highly recommend contacting the team before making the visit so that someone can be there to show you around.  Note that when I came by without an appointment in 2018, there was nobody there to show me around and the shop itself wasn't really open to the public.

To See and Do: 3 while there isn't much to do per se, I was given a thorough shop tour by a team executive in 2015.
Accessibility: 5 see above.
Gift Shop: 1 there isn't one.
Friendliness of Staff: 5 as I said, I was given a very-though shop tour when I planned ahead.

Final Verdict--See it IF you can plan your visit with the team ahead of time.

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