105 Austin Drive Lexington (aka Welcome, on the RCR Campus)

Visited 2023

Hours: 8am-4pm

Wi-Fi? No

Hero Cards?  Yes

Located on the RCR campus, Kaulig Racing has a sharp, modern interior in its race shop.  Unfortunately, there's not as much to see and do as you'd expect from a race team with five full-time entries.  While there is a viewing area, no pictures are allowed.  There is also a small selection of items for sale in its ersatz gift shop.

MUSEUM Ratings--
To See and Do: 2 there's a car and a trophy to go along with lots of hero cards, but unfortunately that's about it.

Accessibility: 4 you can see inside the race shop, but there's no photos allowed.

Gift Shop: 3 not much to buy here, but its more that you'd expect.

Friendliness of Staff: 4 the receptionist was friendly in answering my questions.

Insider Tip: These reviews are for the "lower" of the two Kaulig buildings--the "upper" building is not open to the public.

Additional Pics--

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