114 Meadow Hill Circle Mooresville

Visited in 2023 

Previous visit: 2019

Hours--9am-5pm Monday-Thursday

Wi-Fi?  No

Hero Cards?  Yes (but very limited)


Overview--This shop provides some of the closest views of people actually working on cars from a viewing window--uniquely, it's in a conference room.  Said conference room also has an extensive collection of used sheet metal for sale at VERY reasonable prices.  A major improvement over their old shop in Statesville!

To See and Do: 3 you can stare at the team working on their cars pretty close-up.  However, there's not much beyond that.

Accessibility: 5 you're about as close as you can get without actually being in the shop.

Gift Shop: 4 impressive for a small team, there's the aforementioned sheet metal for sale, as well as a small selection of souvenirs.

Friendliness of Staff: 4 you might need to seek someone out to be shown around, but everyone there was very polite and accommodating.

Insider Tip: When you enter, go past the stairs and turn left to get to the viewing area.

Final Verdict--See it, especially if you're in the Mooresville area.

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