Various Other Raceshops of Mooresville


Gasoline Alley, Performance Road, & Byers Creek Road commercial parks

Hours--see below

Visited 2023

Overviews--The majority of Nascar's smaller lower-series teams are based out of Mooresville.  The vast majority of them are not open to the public, or if they are, have virtually nothing to offer.  My advice would be to skip these shops unless you're a fan of one of their drivers--and then, email ahead so someone knows you're coming.

Rick Ware Racing (open 8am-5pm) 210 Raceway Drive--there's a view of the race shop (including their drag racers), but there was nothing going on while I was there--no hero cards and no receptionist.

Hattori Racing Enterprises (open 9am-5pm) 161 Knob Hill Road--there were plenty of trophies in the lobby as well as a nice viewing area to see into the race shop.  The receptionist here was very friendly and there were hero cards available.

LiveFast/BJ McLeod Motorsports (not open to the public) 121 Goodwin Circle

Sam Hunt Racing (hours unknown) 222 Pitt Road--there's plenty of hero cards (and some other freebies) here in the lobby, with the receptionist in a side office.  While there's a glass door you can look through to the shop itself, pictures are not allowed.

Ratings/See or Skip: I would advise you to check out the info above, and if you want to visit, contact the team beforehand.

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