200 Penske Way Mooresville
Not visited in 2023 (see below)

Visited 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019



Hero Cards?  Yes (on the right immediately after you walk in the door)

Video Footage: CLICK HERE

NOTE: While I was in North Carolina in 2023, this race shop was closed for a team event.  Therefore, all the information listed below is from my prior pre-COVID visits and may or may not still be accurate.

View from the first floor
Overview--This shop is what you'd expect out of Roger Penske--professional, clean, and efficient. They combine the best of both worlds here, with an overhead walk through the length of the garage that's NOT glassed-in. This is also one of the biggest shops you'll see, with both Cup cars and Xfinity cars headquartered here. Note--Penske's IndyCar operations are based here as well, but that portion of the campus is not open to the public.
View from the fan walk

Haulers waiting to be loaded up
To See and Do: 5 you can really see virtually everything here from the fan walk. There's also a pretty cool mock Shell gas station in the gift shop. You can also see the shop from the gift shop itself (at the same level) behind glass.  Furthermore, there's a loop of "Penske Games" highlights airing on a screen in the gift shop.
Accessibility: 5 as I've said above, there is so much to SEE here. From the engines to the fabrication to the dozens of cars to the haulers, everything is on display for the public to see.
Gift Shop: 5 like Ganassi, this shop is very comprehensive, AND has lots of merchandise for Penske's IndyCar teams. There's also pretty big discount section if you're on a budget.  In 2012, they had team-used lugnuts for free, but I didn't see them again in 2013.
Friendliness of Staff: 4 the first two times I visited Penske Racing (a year apart), the same receptionist (an older woman with glasses) treated me pretty badly both times.  In 2012 she made fun of me for traveling alone, and in 2013 she tersely asked me, "Have you finally found anything you want to buy?"  Granted, its just one person, but it pretty much ruined it for me.  Thankfully I haven't seen her since.

Final Verdict--See it, its the best way to see EVERYTHING a race shop has to offer.

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