351 Mazeppa Road Mooresville

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Visited 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019



Hero Cards?  Yes (ask for them)

Video footage: CLICK HERE

Championship-winning car
Overview--The first thing you'll notice about this shop from the outside is the starkness of the surroundings--its somewhat in the middle of nowhere (although its quite close to Team Penske). Thankfully Rowdy spared no expense and built a VERY nice shop--especially for a team that doesn't compete in Cup. Yes, he might rub some fans, drivers, and bosses the wrong way, but he did a great job with this shop.
The shop via the viewing area

To See and Do: 3 there's plenty of cars to look at (including the three cars from the "Bristol Sweep"), trophies, and the garage. While there's not much else, this shop has added more each year.
Accessibility: 4 you get a pretty good view of everything through the building-height glass window, and there's lots of different cars in the shop (late models, trucks, and stock cars). Furthermore, the level of activity at the shop has increased pretty much with every visit.
Gift Shop: 4 its pretty hard to dislike a shop that sells M&Ms merchandise, isn't it? There's also a pretty good variety here--Cup stuff, KBM, charity-related and more.  A small annoyance, though--lots of items didn't have prices on them.
Friendliness of Staff: 4 the clerk at the gift shop was quite polite as she told me that the wrecked guitar trophy from Nashville wasn't there.

Insider Tip: The antique parked outside?  It belongs to Kyle Busch's dad.

Final Verdict--See it, but its a quickie.
As seen a few years back in the packing lot

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