128 South Iredell Industrial Park Road Mooresville


Visited 2012 & 2015

Diesel, my greeter at NEMCO
Overview—I emailed ahead of time for a few of the smaller garages--this was the only one that actually came through on my first visit. Joe's sister (who is the office manager) gave me a grand tour of the small shop, even introducing me to a very busy Joe Nemechek. Lots and LOTS of photos here from the whole Nemechek family, and I even got a diecast car AND a t-shirt.

To See and Do: 4 this is a VERY small shop (basically the size of a large auto body garage) so there isn't much room for stuff. They make up for it, though, by opening up the entire shop to fans who ask. Oh, and did I mention that there's LOTS of pictures here?
Accessiblity: 5 really, this was the only shop that seemed to go out of its way to make ME feel welcome.
Gift Shop: 2 there isn't one, but they get a bonus point for GIVING me souvenirs for free.
Friendliness of Staff: 5+ the Nemecheks seem to be salt-of-the-earth people.

Insider Tip: Email them first so that you can get a tour of the shop.

Final Verdict--See it IF you can email first, and if you want to see how a real independent race team operates.

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