297 Industrial Drive (on the RCR campus)

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Hours--10am-4pm Mon-Weds


Hero Cards?  Yes

Inside the shop
Overview--this team relocated to the RCR campus in Welcome in 2019.  My visit there was unannounced, but the receptionist (Jen) couldn't be nicer.  She showed me around the whole shop, as well as the tear-down area outside and even the hauler.  She also told me how they love to get visitors, both with appointments or unannounced (like mine was).  Literally the only bad thing about this place is that its located so far away from the majority of the other race shops.
The previous week's car in the
tear-down area

To See and Do: 4 if you can get a tour around the shop, its a great way to see a smaller shop up close.
Accessibility: 5 I saw virtually everything there was to see on my guided tour.
Gift Shop: 2 most everything there is to buy for Ty Dillon is in the lobby of the RCR museum a few yards away.
Friendliness of Staff: 5+ one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Final Verdict--See it if you're in the area, and try your best to get there if you're not.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post on your trip to this shop. It is wonderful that they accept visitors and must be a joy to have a look around. Have a great day and keep up the wonderful work.