297 Industrial Drive (on the RCR campus)

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)

Hours--10am-4pm Mon-Weds

Wi-Fi? No

Hero Cards?  Yes

Overview--This small shop is located on the Richard Childress Racing campus.  And while it's easy to visit if you're already there, there's just not that much to see here.  There's no viewing area, no real gift shop, and limited hero cards.  If you really do want to see this shop, I'd advise checking before hand to see if they can do any sort of personal tour.

To See and Do: 1 there were diecast cars and a hood.
Accessibility: 1 not much of anything to do here.
Gift Shop: n/a no gift shop.
Friendliness of Staff: n/a there wasn't much of anyone here.

Final Verdict--Skip it unless you have a specific reason for being there.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post on your trip to this shop. It is wonderful that they accept visitors and must be a joy to have a look around. Have a great day and keep up the wonderful work.