111 Byers Creek Road

Visited in 2023 (coming soon)



Hero Cards?  No
2018 Nascar Cup Championship

Overview--This place isn't a "garage" as much as a "warehouse". Truex hasn't really started his own team yet, so this shop operates as a gift shop, charitable organization headquarters, and storage unit for his various cars.

To See and Do: 2 not much, though there's lots from Truex's early career.
Accessibility: 1 hard to be accessible when there's nothing going on.
Gift Shop: 5 what this shop lacks in activity they make up for in the gift shop. There's PLENTY to buy, as well as plenty of information on the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation (seems to focus mostly on children's fishing programs).
Friendliness of Staff: 5 in 2012, the clerk/office manager allowed me to pick from a "goody box" for bringing in a card from a "please take one" display nearby (got a 1/64 Bass Pro Shops car). She was also polite with the weirdos who came in looking for a ride.

Final Verdict--Skip it, unless you're a Martin Truex Jr. fan in which case it's a must-see.

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