4400 Papa Joe Hendrick Blvd., Concord--easiest entrance is from Bruton Smith Blvd.

Visited in 2023 (coming soon) 

Previously visited: 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019



Hero Cards?  Yes (in all three buildings)

Video Footage: CLICK HERE
Show cars in the lobby

Overview--This could very-well be the BEST shop to visit. First off, its really two shops--the 48 & 88 in one, the 5 & 24 in the other. Both shops are crammed full of cars and trophies, with various movies playing on overhead screens. As an aside, in 2012 Chad Knaus bumped into me on the way out!   The museum/gift shop is in a separate building down the hill.  The museum is free to enter, and features even MORE cars and memorabilia, and basically goes around the gift shop, which features more items for sale than you can imagine.
Cars being worked on

To See and Do: 4 so much to do and see here, particularly in the 9 & 24 race shop--since 2018 the 48 & 88 race shop does NOT have a viewing area, only a stationary camera showing work being done on a big screen.  They seem to be doing some "finishing work" on the 48 & 88 cars in the 9 & 24 race shop now.  This is really the only negative about this place.
Accessibility: 4 the only demerit comes from the 48 & 88 garage, where you can no longer see them work on cars in person. The 9 & 24 garage, however, has a large glassed-in viewing area. The 9 & 24 shop also is one of the few that uses the entire garage area, INCLUDING the area right by the windows. Once, they pushed that week's car inches from where I stood!
Inside the museum
Gift Shop: 4 again, only a small complaint. The race shops open at 8am, but the gift shop doesn't open till 10am? If they opened the gift shop even an hour earlier, it would be a great help to those who come early.
In the museum
Friendliness of Staff: 5 got lots of waves and hellos, and the ladies in the gift shop were very polite to everyone (and yes, Chad Knaus apologized for bumping into me).

Insider Tip: You can watch pit stop practice here!  They practice between the Museum/Gift Shop and the Team Center.  This is NOT promoted to the public, so you have to know to look for it.

Insider Tip: Tuesdays are the best time to go--in fact, there is a team-wide meeting Tuesday mornings, so that's the best time to go if you want to try and meet drivers.

Final Verdict--See it, this is one of the best.

The pit stop practice area

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