NOTE--this team suspended operations in mid-2017.  This review will remain as the team will hopefully return.

125 Byers Creek Road Mooresville

Hours--9:30am-4pm (Monday Tuesday Wednesday)

Visited 2012, 2013 & 2015

The Skinny--Another smaller non-Cup team that not really set up for the public.  I got a pretty nice shop tour in 2013 by emailing ahead first, but I didn't get much when I went by myself in 2015.
One of Ben Kennedy's trucks

To See and Do: 4 this one is definitely unique--if you email ahead (or ask once you arrive), a team member will give you a personal tour of the shop if available.  If not, there's really not much to see.
Accessibility: 4 see above.
Gift Shop: 2 no gift shop, but nice up-to-date hero cards for the taking.
Friendliness of Staff: 3 the person who showed me around was VERY nice, while the receptionist couldn't be bothered with me.
Hero Cards?: Yes

Insiders Tip: Come during the Truck Series season (and not during one of the long breaks) for a chance to see the drivers.

Final Verdict--Skip it, its mostly outdoors anyways.

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