112 Meadow Hill Court Mooresville


Visited 2012, 2013 & 2015

The Skinny--This team has been through many permutations, and currently runs a car for Landon Cassill and another for various RCR developmental drivers. Despite being a very small Cup team, they had a decent amount of the garage open to the public.
The 33's wild paint scheme

To See and Do: 2 there really isn't much of a lobby here, so other than seeing the trucks being built, that's really it.
Accessibility: 5 not only could I watch bodies being hanged on the truck chassis, but a team member saw me taking pictures and invited me in to get a better look! Proof that it takes about 10 seconds out of somebody's day to make a person happy.
Gift Shop: 1 there is none
Friendliness of Staff: 5 very polite, in fact the secretary apologized for not having more Ward Burton hero cards.

Final Verdict--Skip it, this one's only for diehards

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