NOTE--RPM has relocated to a shop on the property of Richard Childress Racing

112 Byers Creek Road Mooresville

Hours--1-4pm Monday through Thursday

Visited 2015 & 2017

The 2017 Cup car on display
The Skinny--This is the latest location for RPM, having moved from a satellite building on the Roush-Fenway campus to the former home of Turner-Scott Motorsports (and, before that, an earlier iteration of The King's race team).  The shop is laid out quite well, with ample viewing area and some of The King's vast racing memorabilia.  Note that this is NOT the Richard Petty Museum, which is located in Randleman, North Carolina.

Autographed Richard Petty cowboy
hats for sale
To See and Do: 3 show cars and some sponsor displays.
Accessibility: 3 there's a small glassed-in area for fans to see the garage area--not much activity, though, the days I was there.
Gift Shop: 3 the shop itself is essentially one big gift shop.
Friendliness of Staff: 1 I was treated like an unwelcome visitor when I was there--just another example of how a race shop can irritate a fan simply by being unfriendly.

Final Verdict--Skip it, as it has become less and less fan-friendly since it opened.

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  1. On April 14th, the truck series raced at Rockingham and Nationwide raced at Texas on the 13th. That is why there was not much activity when you went. You probably saw my dad there though. He is there everyday other than Sunday